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Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Over The Edge Adventures UK Ltd have a wealth of talented facilitators and are able to offer a wide range of team building and training packages, these are ideal for companies which need to hone the leadership and collaborative skills of personalities and entire teams in the organisation.

Of course, price is always an issue when looking for an appropriate venue/location for your employees to train in/at. Price is related to how simple or how lavish the course is to be, how long you expect the course to last, the facilities and amenities and how many of your employees will be expected to attend for that particular course.

With close collaboration we can discuss what you expect your team building training should accomplish. After all, any team building/training course will cost your organisation money and that money is an investment into the future of your employees and, in turn, the future of the organisation itself. So it always pays to understand just what the intended results of the team building should be. This also helps you gauge the results afterwards to see if the course was truly effective (or if all it accomplished was to give your employees a day off work with company funding.

Some problems that your group or company might be experiencing (which would explain why you need a team building or training course in the first place) could be:

  • Extended periods of implementation of a project which you believe could be shortened significantly through appropriate team-building.
  • Lack of self esteem in individuals
  • Lack of appropriate leadership skills in group and team leaders.
  • Lack of effectiveness in project implementation as perceived in teams and individuals.
  • If you think your employees are facing such problems, then maybe a training event is just what the corporate doctor ordered! Get in touch with us for more information!

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